Luis’ “Smoking is bad for you”

Luis wrote the script. Mikezja was the director. Zoe was the assistant to the director. Luis and Landyn were the actors.


A1 Smoking is very bad for you it can get you sick.
A1 If you smoke you can get hole in your throat.
A1 I think you should stop smoking in front of your kids.
A1 It is important for people to stop for there safety.
A1 Smoking is bad for people even if they are having a baby.
A1 A2 Smoking in front of your kids is bad for them they will get sick.


Zoe’s “How to Divide a Whole Number by a Fraction”

Zoe wrote and directed her movie. Adam was the director’s assistant. Metztli and Julissa were the actors.


A1: Hi _____________. How are you doing?

A2: (sounds gloomy)Hey__________. I’m not doing so good. If I get an F on our 8.4 math quiz, I don’t get to go to the skating rink.

A1: Maybe I can help. I can teach you 8.4.

A1: First we need a problem. Let’s try 9 divided by 1/3. (writes on board)

A1: Then to change 9 into a fraction you put a 1 underneath it and a fraction bar between it.(writes down)

A1: After that you bring down the 9/1 and change the division into multiplication.(writes down)

A1: Next switch the 1/3 into 3/1 and bring it down.(writes down)

A1: Finally you multiply. 9/1 times 3/1 equals 27/1. Your answer is 27 over 1.(writes down)

A2: Thanks for helping me!

The Next Day

A3: Here is your test _________.

A2: Ya! I got an A+ on my test!


Julia’s “How to Braid Your Hair”

Julia wrote the script and was the director. Lyndon was the assistant to the director. Mairyn and Julissa were the actors.


A1: ( sigh ) “I can’t braid my hair because I don’t know how to,”
A2: ( walks in ) “I can teach you how to braid your hair,”
A1: “Really? You can teach me how to braid my hair!”
A2: “Of course I can,”
A2: “Step one, your going to need three equal stripes of hair,” ( gets three equal stripes of hair )
A2: “Step two, your going to put the right side of your hair over the middle,” ( Puts right hair over middle )
A2: “Step three get the left side of the hair and put it between the right and middle,” ( Puts left side between middle and right )
A2: “Keep repeating until your almost to the bottom of your hair,”
A1: “Thanks for teaching me how to braid my hair,”
A2: “No problem!”