SEVA 2011 Entry: Not Doing Homework


Elexis: “Hi I am Elexis.”
Ashley: “Hi I am Ashley.”
Both: ” We are here to talk to you about homework.”
Elexis: ” Homework is very important because it’s what gives you your grades.”
Ashley: ” And if you don,t guess what will happen to them they will drop.”
Elexis: ” So your A+ just turned into a zero if you don’t do your homework.”
Ashley: ” The worst part is that is you have to call home or owe recess.”
Elexis: “Try calling your gardian about not doing homeork infront of the whole class.”
Ashley: “Now that’s the embarrasing part!”
Elexis: “So do yourself a favor and do all of your homework. ”
Ashley: “And you won’t get introuble with your teacher or your parent.”
Both: “So do all of your homework!”




SEVA 2011 Entry: The Fruit Guy

Producer: Joshua
Actors: Joshua, Breanna, and Justin
Director: Aijanae
Director’s Assistant: Ashley S.
Josh: Hello my name is Jimmy Jam joe and I am telling you to eat fruit.
Josh: If you are not going to eat fruit that is not good.
Breanna: Plus if you eat junk food you wont be healthy.
Josh: Lets see what it would look like if you ate fruit.
Justin: ON TRACK
Josh: So one way to be healthy is by eating fruit.
Breanna: Wait! Jimmy Jam Joe did you talk about Vegetables?”
Josh: Did you say “Vegetables?”
Josh: AHHH!



SEVA 2011 Entry: Anti Smoking

Producer: Serena
Actors: Serena & Chelsea
Director: Nicole
Director’s Assistant: Jasmin
Chelsea: ” Hi im Chelsea.”
Serena: ” Hi im Serena.”
Chelsea, Serena: ” Were here to tell you about Anti Smoking.”
Chelsea: ” Did you know smoking causes lung cancer.”
Serena: ” No but, I do know that 53,000 non- smokers died from second hand smoke.
Chelsea: ” Some teenagers picked up a cigarrette when they were 16 to 17 years old.
Serena: ” Dont let that be you.”
Chelsea: ” Smoking kills so why bother.”
Serena: ” Rembember make the right choice dont smoke.”