The Secret to the CST

Eliminate the obviously wrong answer.
You increase your chances of answering or guessing correctly.

Read the question and all the answers BEFORE reading the selection.
Read them again thoroughly BEFORE selecting a response.

Show all work doing math problems.

The secret for taking the CST is you! Take responsibility for your success and you will succeed!

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Written by Mr. Alfonso

Director – Crystina

Director’s Assistant – Christina

Kyle – Main Character
Sarina – Discourager #1
Araceli – Discourager #2
Avina/Rachel – Discourager #3
Katherine – Discourager #4
Benjamin – Discourager #5
Mr. Alfonso – Himself
Mrs. Marjorie Woolfork – Herself
Mr. Keith Thompson – Himself
Mr. Eric Lapachet – Himself
Various Discouragers – Students of Mr. Alfonso

“Arise” from E.S. Posthumus