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Sarina, Katherine, Melissa, and Lucy recorded this to use in a future movie.

“Hey Javonte” Lucy said.

”What?” Javonte replied.

“Why can’t there be anything to help my book not get dirty” Lucy said.

“I don’t know” Javonte said.

“Well then try my book cover!” I said.

”What is a book cover?” Lucy asked.

”A book cover you use to protect it from damagin or dirtying it.” Ben said.

”Hey that would be good for my book!” Lucy said.

“Mines too!” Javonte said.

”This is only one time offer!” Ben said.

”We have plain brown, black, and pink.” I said.

“uhmmm… I’ll get black.” Javonte said.

“Then I guess I get pink.”

“Thanks!” Javonte and Lucy said.

Rachel:”Hello earth and behond I’m hear to sell you a one of a kind item and it’s called the every thing holder or backpack.”

“You know how your always carrying your textbook,your papers,your pencils,lid pencil,your folders,and everything all falls apart and you can’t do anything about it.”

“Well not any more with the backpack.”

“The backpack also has a big pocket to hold all your textbooks,your folders, and your jackets.”
“The backpack also has a little pocket to hold all your pencils and if you don’t want to carryyour backpack it has straps to go on your back. ”

“Call (916)555-2891 or go to one of a kind backpack.com.”

“And if you call now you get two for the price of one it’s a $5 value for only $19.99 call now.”

“The backpack comes in plain black,strawberry short cake pink,jansport strip blue and brown. ”

“To order the one of a kind backpack call (916)555-2891 or go to one of a kind backpack.com.”



Edited a second time to adjust sound levels.

Script/Storyboard originally submitted Jan. 9th, 2010.

”Do you ever want to research something but you don’t have the right equipment,Jazmine said while walking.
”Well now you do, a laptop,”said Jazmine.
Jazmine said ” This is Gabby, she is going to tell you how this laptop helped her.”
”This is a life saver, I needed to do research on something for school and just when I thought I was going to fail I saw this advertisement and I bought one as soon as possible,” Gaby ageed.
”So, you see your life can change right now if you call…555-7201 now,”Jazmine said.
“It only cost $400.00, you have to be 16 years or older to order,”said Jazmine.
”Again just call 555-7201 for a laptop,”Jazmine repeated.




“Are you tired of carring your books?” Gabby asked.
“Yes.” replied Crystina and Sarina.
“Are you tired of people slapping books out of your hands?” asked Gabby.
“Yes.” replied Crystina and Sarina.
“Well here is the new backpack!” announced Gabby.
“It has two pockets. One to put your books in and one to put you pencils in.” Gabby said.
“Lets try it.” asked Crystina and Sarina.
“Wow, I love this backpack.” said Crystina.
“Now we don’t have problems.” said Sarina and Crystina.
“If you want one, just call 555-0129and you will get one.” said Gabby.
“It comes in black with stars and black.” said Gabby.
” Again call 555-0129 and you will get one.” said Gabby.



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