Pedro’s “How to Play Soccer”

Written by Pedro. Vanessa was the director. Rhea was the director’s assistant. AJ, Kevin, and Pedro are the actors in his movie.



Actor3:” Hey Pedro can you teach us how to play soccer?”
Actor1:”Why sure i can you need to know the rules first!”
Actor1″When one of the players kicks it out the other person on the other team throws it in.”
Actor:”When you are going to thrown it in, use your hands and don’t hop when you are going to thrown it in.”
Actor1:Another rule is when you trip, push, pull, or slide tackle someone, the referee calls it a foul.”
Actor1: But, when it’s brutal or you do it too much,you can either get a yellow card or a red card.”
Actor2:”I don’t want to get a card!”
Actor1:”Now offsides are important to know about.”
Actor1:”Offsides are called when a player from a team passes is it to his teammate and the teammate is in the goaly box.”
Actor1:” When offsides are called, someone from the team that got offsided kicks it off from wherever it was offsides.”
Actor1:Penalty kicks and free kicks are different.”
Actor3:” What are penalty kicks and free kicks?”
Actor1″A penalty kick is where the referee calls a penalty on the people that are tripped or pushed.”
Actor1: A free kick is where there are 4 to 5 people making a wall and they are 10 feet away from where the person is going to kick it off from.”
Actor1:” Now corner kicks are different from those 2.
Actor1:”A corner kick is called when someone from any team kicks the ball into their corner.
Actor2 and 3:” Are we ready now?”
Actor1:” No there is one last thing to know.”
Actor1:” Whenever you are going to kick it off or start the game, there has to be 2 people in the middle of the field that are on the same team and a ball in the middle, after that just kick it off.”


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