Karen’s “How to do Push-Ups”

Written and directed by Karen. Christopher was the director’s assistant. Vivian and Vanessa are the actresses in Karen’s movie.


Mr.Alfonso:Okay class today we’re going to practice our push-ups for
tomorrow’s P.E. test. [class groans]
Mr.Alfonso:Vivian you’ll go first, get position in the front of the class.
Reay begin. [speaker]
Vivian:[grunts,stops] i can’t do it!
Mr.Alfonso:Vivian you’re going to need to practice more at home.
Vivian:Ok [walks to desk]
Vivian:[sighs] I think i’m just going to fail doing push-ups.
Vanessa:Hey Vivian, what’s wrong?
Vivian:I really need help on doing my push-ups and I just can’t do it
correctly![looks frustrated]
Vanessa:Well,do you want me to help you?
Vivian:Sure,where do we start?
Vanessa:Okay first position yourself on the ground make sure that your
arms are apart from each other.
Vivian:like this?
Vanessa:Yes, and make sure your bottom isn’t sticking up.
[straightens body]
Vanessa:Your body can not touch the ground too.
Vanessa:When you go down, your arms should be at a 90 degree angle.
Vivian:Thanks a lot Vanessa! I’m sure I’ll pass the test![looks relieved]
Vanessa:But make sure you practice more at home too.
Vivian:Okay I’ll keep that in mind.
[At home…] [Vivian does push-ups] [The Next Day…]
Mr.Alfonso:Today you’re going to have a test on your push-ups [looks at
clipboard] Vivian looks like you’re first again.
[Speaker Begins] Mr.Alfonso:You did great Vivian.
Vivian:Did I pass? Mr.Alfonso:Yes!
Vanessa:I’m glad you passed Vivian [Happy]
Vivian:Thanks a lot for teaching me how to do push-ups



  1.     Your movie was FANTASTIC! I loved your selection of songs, especially the guitar one. But, maybe you should shorten your titles.

  2.         What I really liked about your mvie is the music during the titels. You could make the titels a littel bit shorter. Another thing I liked about your movie is it was great for your first movie because you didn’t make alot of mistakes.

  3.     Dear Karen, I love your movie. I liked how the actors speaked clearly. One thing that you could fix is how the actors were smiling to much. But I also liked how you did different scenes. Other than that your movie was great.

  4.      Dear Karen,
    I really loved it because it was smooth.
    I think that next time you could probably tell vivian to read just a little smoother.
    I really liked it Karen becase it was very nice and it was like a problem and solution. vivian had a problem and then found a solution.

  5. I like the over the shoulder shot. The titles are a little long. I also liked when you zoomed into the shoulder.

  6.     Dear Karen,
    Thank you for letting me act in your movie. I really like your movie and I liked how one character cares about another. And maybe you could make the titles shorter, and me and Venessa can put more expressions in it. Other than that you we did fine and you did a great job on directing.

  7. I liked that it showed vivian at first not knowing how to do push ups. Sometimes there was too long of a pause when speaking. I also liked the descriptive steps telling you what to do and not to do.

  8. Karen,
    You did an excellent job writing and directing the video. Is this something you could submit to the SEVA’s next year? Maybe you will be a movie director when you grow up!
    Mrs. Avey

  9. Karen i really loved your movie. I suggest that you not move the camera while they are acting. Karen i really think you will be a director when you are older.

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