How Did Ellen Change By the End of “Toliver’s Secret?”

Students will continue to write about Ellen Toliver and the changes she went through as she delivered a secret message to General Washington’s Army. Their paragraphs will include a topic sentence, several evidence and analysis sentences, and a concluding sentence.



  1. Hey, Mr. Alfonso! It’s been a while since I’ve contacted anyone at the school, but It’s good to see everything is still as smooth as it used to be. A lot of students at my past few schools have loved the CST Movie when my secret was released! I don’t know if you still use the video programming or not, but thank you so much for letting our class have that experience! I plan to go into Computer Programming and Design soon at Folsom High School. I hope to use the skills you taught us back then to make great videos in my elective class. I’ll put my usual “weird” touch in it. Yet again, thank you! I hope you have a good year with this new generation of students!!

      • It’s alright Kyle. Glad to hear things are going well! We’re trying to crank out some movies. We’ll see!

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