Winter: How Do You Feel About It?

Students are practicing writing paragraphs with topic sentences, with evidence and analysis, and a concluding sentence.



  1. The season I enjoy the most is Winter.One reason is because it rains during school sometimes.You get inside recess so you get to play boardgames.When it comes to lunch time,we get to eat while watching a movie.Another reason is because I get to eat and drink warm food.I’ll drink hot chocolate and eat waffles with hazelnut spread.Yummy!Finally,I like the winter because it’s Christmas.I get to spend time with my family and open presents,well it depends if I have any.Winter is a fun and entertaining season.

  2. There are several reasons i don’t enjoy the winter.It rains in the winter.My baby cousin can’t come over because its rainy and my baby cousin can get a fever. It is cold in winter time. I can get sick because its cold outside. There is storms in winter time . It makes loud noises and i can’t go to sleep. There is a lot of reason that i don’t like winter.

  3. There are many reasons why I enjoy winter. I enjoy winter because I get to go to play in the snow in Salt Lake City. While I’m there I get to go sledding, make snow angels, and snowmen. Another reason is because it rains during winter. So I have an excuse to stay inside the house and play on the computer or watch tv. Another reason is that I have my birthday during winter. During my birthday I get to see some of my releatives and also I get presents. For me to play in the snow, stay inside my house, and have a birthday in winter, are ways why I like winter.

  4. I enjoy einter for many reasons.First of all I like the rain in the winter.I like how the cold fresh raindrops feel.Secondly I enjoy the holidays I celebrate with my family.Christmas is the holiday I enjoy in the winter because of all the gifts .I also enjoy winter because it snows. I go up to the mountains and throw snowballs,make snow angels,and make snowmen.I have so much fun because of these multiple reasons.

  5. There are several reasons why I like winter.One reason I like winter is because it’s closer to my favorite holiday with is Christmas.And my dad makes his famous gumbo


  6. There are several why I like winter.One reason I like winter is because it’s closer to my favorite holiday which is Christmas because it’s Jesus’s birthday.And my dad makes his famous gumbo every year.And a lot of people come over every year.And a lot of my cousin’s come over every year and they bring their presents too so have two contest every year.I usually win both of the contest.One of the contest is to see who can open their presents faster.Another contest is to see who has the best present.And there is one more reason why I like winter and that’s to spend time with my family.And those are the reasons why I like winter.

  7. There are several reasons I enjoy winter.It rains during the the winter.I go play outside in the rain and play hide n seek


  8. Hello!
    I,m iranian…Im from Iran!
    my laguge is persian but I know some English!
    I love winter but we dint have chrismas here. I love snow

    • Hi Rihanna,

      Welcome to our blog. Although you speak Persian, we’re glad you’re visiting our site. What is like to have snow there?

      Mr. Alfonso

    • It depends on your preference. The location is also key. A winter in New York is no where near a winter in Sacramento. We don’t have to deal with snow storms and blizzards.

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