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Eliminate the obviously wrong answer.
You increase your chances of answering or guessing correctly.

Read the question and all the answers BEFORE reading the selection.
Read them again thoroughly BEFORE selecting a response.

Show all work doing math problems.

The secret for taking the CST is you! Take responsibility for your success and you will succeed!

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Written by Mr. Alfonso

Director – Crystina

Director’s Assistant – Christina

Kyle – Main Character
Sarina – Discourager #1
Araceli – Discourager #2
Avina/Rachel – Discourager #3
Katherine – Discourager #4
Benjamin – Discourager #5
Mr. Alfonso – Himself
Mrs. Marjorie Woolfork – Herself
Mr. Keith Thompson – Himself
Mr. Eric Lapachet – Himself
Various Discouragers – Students of Mr. Alfonso

“Arise” from E.S. Posthumus

18 Responses to “The Secret to the CST”

  1. This is a totally awesome video, and it makes me excited and anxious to have these Reese students here at James Rutter M.S. . The high value of the message can’t be ignored, and the quality of production is wonderful.

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  3. Gail Desler says:

    Hello Mr. Alfonso’s Class,

    I feel very fortunate to have dropped by your classroom while you were working on this fabulous production. Just wish I had filmed the making of this video. I’d like the world to know about the preparation, decision making and team work that go into your productions – and maybe even a blooper or two that added to your learning experience.

    I’m reading Laura Poppers comment and agreeing with her – lucky James Rutter MS! Of course, the Rutter staff will have to wait another year while you finish 6th grade;-)

  4. Shelly Hughes says:

    This so well done, clever, and entertaining! Your Resse students are going to do a fantastic job, no doubt!

  5. powerofone says:

    Awesome!!! You guys ROCK!! We were so inspired by your movie, that we made a few of our own. Check out our blog next week to see some of them. We called ours Sock it to The STAR Test. We think you guys make the best movies, and always check out your site before we begin making our own.

    Mrs. McKillop

  6. Mia says:

    Me. Alfonso,

    You guys are awesome! Your movies are AWESOME! My favorite would have to be the Secret to the CST.

  7. Jillian says:

    You guys did a great job.My class is making movies too.Do your best.

  8. khalia says:

    I really like this CST thing it was very good

  9. Sarina says:

    I enjoyed making the part that I’m in. My brother liked the part when Ben was acting like a dog.

  10. Ms. Gaviola says:

    This was awesome!!

  11. Katherine says:

    I like the movie of the CST even though I was in it. :)

  12. vivian says:

    This is the best movie that I haved seen.It was fun when the boy went down the jump rope

  13. That was exciting and engaging. I felt like I was watching the Matrix.

    Lots of fabulous stuff here…great use of music, slow-motion, and echo (on the voiceover) to add to the story.

    Some of my favorite shots, in addition to the action sequences, are the closeup on the students’ feets/legs moving down the ramp and the shot of the main character moving through the crowd of discouragers to take the CST.

    Great work and hope this helped your test-taking!

    • Kyle M. says:

      Mr. Needleman, I have not looked at the website in a while. Thank you very much for the comment!!!!! I know you were probably talking to Mr. Alfonso, but I take this as a great comment for me. I hope to see you soon.

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  15. Alex Wong says:

    amazing work… its epic


  16. evelyn says:

    Lucy did a great job (on the acting) so did the OTHER DISCOURAGERS.

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