Staff members welcome your notes and calls. Conferences can be easily arranged. Teachers are usually available to accept phone calls from 7:30 a.m. – 7:55 a.m. and immediately after school. The office will take messages anytime, and the teacher will return the call as soon as practical. Communication between teachers and parents is extremely important.

We also have email for parent/school communication. The email addresses are provided by clicking on the teacher’s name. We would expect staff to respond within a reasonable time (usually 24 hours of reading the email).

If you are concerned about something:

  1. Talk to the teacher first. Besides you, the teacher has the most direct contact with your child.
  2. If the situation is still not resolved, talk with an administrator.

Track A Teachers


Terrie Matsumoto

First Grade
Gabrielle Langford

Second Grade

Tiffany Eberlein

Third Grade

Lisa Banuelos

Amy Filan  / Amy Willey

Fourth Grade

Joan Lloyd

Fifth Grade

Myisha Cherry

Sixth Grade

Brenda Plath |

Track B Teachers

Anita Jimenez |

First Grade
Kathleen Williams

Second Grade
Carrie Woolstencroft

Third Grade
Lisa Burkhardt |
Julie Steffen  |

Fourth Grade
Lupe Ramirez |

Fifth Grade
Guillermo Ramirez

Track C Teachers

Stacy Mattila  |

First Grade
Jeff Patton  |

Second Grade

Breana Stokes

Third Grade Class
Nicole Luna |

Fourth Grade
Cassandra Wittmann

Fifth/Sixth Grade Combo Class

Kevin Broxton  |

Sixth Grade
Leah Patton  |

Track D Teachers

First Grade

Sara Dean

Second Grade

Renee Vaughn

Third Grade

Melissa Silva 

Fifth Grade

Victoria Molina

Sixth Grade

Linda Welsh |

PALSS Program Teachers

Jennie Tkacik – Primary
Helene Vertudazo – Kindergarten
Robert Moricz – Intermediate
Omero Rangel – Intermediate

Resource Teachers

John Gable (Computers)
Alexis Tepolt (Physical Education)
Courtney Vassalo (Librarian)

Student Support

Holly Jaeger (Psychologist)
Gina Fuentes (Speech)
Jonathan Briggs (Resource Specialist)
Bailey Ostrom (Resource Specialist)
Kiinani Elliot-Ward
Kathleen Vu, BSN, RN, PHN, EGUSD School Nurse
June Franklin Food and Nutrition Lead

Pre Kindergarten Classes

Cara Young
Nicole Hall
Frankie Morales
Megan Sills