STARS Bullying Solutions for Parents

Presented by Family Fuel solutions with kids

At Elitha Donner Elementary MP Room Monday, December 8, 2014

5:00-5:30pm Dinner will be served

5:30-8:00pm Parent Class (Daycare Provided)

Interpretación en Español Disponible

 Come and learn about solutions for every role in bullying.

Our approach is somewhat unique:
Give everyone and every role in bullying something they can do instead of feeling helpless and pointing fingers of blame.
When we all work together, the greatest change in school culture can happen!
Our school will be the best it can be when we all are following a common vision and speaking the same language around bullying.
Each solution we have is practical and proven to be effective.  Once each solution is employed, each role in bullying functions together to minimize bullying.
The foundation of all the solutions is the Love and Logic® philosophy along with the principles of Sally Ogden.

Family Fuel Donner Elem STARS Bullying Parents Flyer (.pdf)