Elitha Donner Elementary School

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Elitha Donner Elementary School
  • Welcome to Elitha Donner

    • Photo from Red Ribbon Week at Elitha Donner Elementary School

      Welcome to Elitha Donner Elementary School where we believe our children deserve an educational environment that provides all students with the opportunity to become successful life-long learners.

      Our entire Elitha Donner Elementary School staff is committed to providing educational experiences for students that promote a desire and willingness to: work hard to learn; be cooperative; develop self-discipline; be responsible for their own behavior; learn how to solve problems; and demonstrate a respect for and trusting acceptance of self and others. Acceptance is communicated through actions within an environment that demonstrates sensitivity to differences in gender, learning and communication styles, customs, and ethnic role-model representation.

      The parents and families of the students we teach are our most influential partners and greatest allies. Your involvement and participation is needed and valued. Communication is a vital component to the success of our students.
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