To keep Elk Grove Unified School District staff informed about our digital citizenship program, changes in state and federal legislation, new resources, and best practices, EGUSD’s Technology Service’s Department continues to offer a variety of trainings/workshops for district staff.

In addition to Technology Services’ workshops, teachers may also receive credit for three online digital citizenship workshops from Common Sense Media. Each workshop will introduce participants to Common Sense Media’s Digital Literacy and Citizenship Curriculum, provide an overview of the scope and sequence, and explore a sampling of lesson plans.  Note: Prior approval is required in order to earn PD hours. Upon completing a workshop, participants will fill out and submit an online survey to Common Sense Media. Common Sense Media will then email an electronic certificate to verify participants” workshop attendance, which participants can then forward to CPL’s Sylvia Avalos (


Site-based workshops are now available upon request for a minimum of 6/maximum of 12 participants. Each workshop must include a minimum of 1 site administrator (principal, vice principal, teacher-in-charge). Technology Services (Gail Desler) will coordinate scheduling and complete all paperwork needed for Professional Development hours.

Please use the following form to request a workshop at your site or at Technology Services.

Digital Citizenship Professional Development Workshop Request Form

Digital Citizenship Across the Curriculum and Throughout the School Day

Workshop will provide an overview of EGUSD digital citizenship curriculum, programs, and best practices. Participants will explore strategies and resources for weaving this essential 21st century school into the core curriculum and throughout the school day.

Building a Media Literacy Toolkit – Unlocking Critical Thinking Skills

Workshop explores the world of fake news. Although fake news is nothing new, social media and websites make it easier than ever to spread misinformation. Detecting and deconstructing fake news requires media literacy skills. Come explore resources and strategies your students (and you) can use to evaluate the truth in what we read, see, and hear in the wild west of today’s news sources.

G Suite – Integrating/modeling good digital citizenship within the Google Suite of tools

Workshop provides an overview of the Google Drive suite of free web-based tools that are designed to enhance collaboration, communication, critical thinking, evaluation and digital citizenship. Participants will have a hands-on overview of how to use Google’s documents, forms, presentations, and spreadsheets. Participants will also explore the power and possibilities of collaborative online writing environments relevant to their individual teaching assignment.

Copyright & Fair Use

Workshop moves beyond plagiarism. With media literacy skills woven into the Common Core State Standards, there is a need for a strong understanding of the concepts of copyright and fair use and how to apply these concepts in an educational setting. The goal of this workshop is to reduce copyright confusion, to examine fair use as a reasoning process, and to explore the possibilities of remix.

Google Searching – Just Google It!

Workshop will cover tips and tricks to help your students streamline the process of finding information via Google’s dynamic search engine. Workshop is designed for teachers of grades 5 – 12.

Introduction to Twitter

Workshop will introduce participants to Twitter’s online social networking and “microblogging” service that allows users to send and read “tweets,” text-based messages of up to 280 characters. The purpose of the workshop is to provide Twitter basics – and an understanding of the educational value and possibilities of Twitter. Note: EGUSD requires that all official school site Twitter accounts (example: @FranklinElem, @EGCharter) go through the Communications Department.

Writing for the Web

Workshop will examine writing for the web as a 21st century genre and skill. Participants will explore EGUSD guidelines and tips for creating an effective electronic presence.

Student ePortfolios

Workshop will introduce Google Sites as a venue for helping students create ePortfolios. In an age when the results of a Google Search may have a greater impact on a job application or college scholarship than a resume, students can benefit greatly from a little guidance on building a positive digital footprint.


Workshop will introduce VoiceThread, a Web 2.0 tool teachers can use to engage students in dynamic online moderated conversations. Participants will learn how to create a shared presentation of images, documents, and videos that visitors can comment on via text, voice, audio file, or video/web cam recording.

Blogging 101

Workshop is designed for teachers and administrators who are interested in learning what weblogs and blogging are all about. Participants will investigate how blogging can be used to support teaching and learning in the 21st century. This workshop is appropriate for teachers of all grade level and content areas. This course provides an overview of how blogging is more than simply a place to post homework. Participants will explore how blogging complements the SAMR model.

Blogging 102 – Moving up the SAMR ladder

Workshop is designed for teachers and administrators who are interested in setting up their own professional and/or interactive classroom blog. Participants will learn how to design a blog using Edublogs CampusPress, a blogging program for educators. Note: Prior approval from site administrator is required before Technology Services creates user accounts.