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KAMS #DigCit Parent Outreach

KAMS EGUSD Digital Citizenship Badge

In the #DigCit spotlight … Parent outreach is an essential component of an effective digital citizenship program. Each year, we ask all EGUSD Digital Citizenship Site Coordinators/schools to include a parent component in their annual Digital Citizenship Implementation Plans. Yesterday we had the pleasure of seeing first-hand how Katherine L. Albiani Middle School (KAMS) staff […]

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Digital Citizenship in the 2018-2019 School Year

As a district, EGUSD has long recognized the importance of teaching and modeling positive digital citizenship. Other districts have even reached out to us for guidance in implementing a K-12 program and working towards Common Sense District certification, which EGUSD has earned for another year. “We applaud the faculty and staff of the Elk Grove […]

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Addressing the Need for Media Literacy

Digital Citizenship 4 Foci

In the eight years that EGUSD’s digital citizenship program has been in place, new challenges and new resources have necessitated regular updates to this website, which is organized around our four main themes: cyberbullying, digital footprint, protecting privacy and intellectual property. While these four themes still remain at the heart of our program, we recognize that […]

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Defining Bullying and Cyberbullying

School fight on cell phone

“Isn’t ‘cyberbullying’ just another form of ‘bullying’? Why label it as a separate issue?” We have been asked this question a number of times. And, yes, we agree that cyberbullying is a form of bullying. Ideally, there would not be a need to add “cyber” in front of “bullying.” However, based on regional, community and […]

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Media Literacy – Defining and Teaching a Must-Have Skill

Photo of teacher and student in front of computer

It would be difficult to read a newspaper, listen to a news broadcast, or open any social media site without seeing some reference to “fake news.” NPR NewsHour’s  recent interview How online hoaxes and fake news played a role in the election highlights this growing concern. There is definitely a need to bring media literacy into […]

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4th Annual Stand Up, Speak Out! Rally

pledge wall

We were proud to see students from Roy Herburger Elementary School and Edward Harris, Jr. Middle School actively participating at the October 19 Stand Up, Speak Up! Rally at the State Capitol. We also appreciate the dedication and commitment of EGUSD Board President Bobbie Singh-Allen as a key organizer for the event. This is the fourth […]

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Digital Citizenship Week 2016

Stand Up, Speak Out! Against Bullying Photo

“WHEREAS, The recognition of Digital Citizenship Week is proposed in simultaneous recognition of National Bullying Prevention Month, Connected Educator Month, and National Cyber Security Awareness Month; and …” Did you hear? The California State Legislature has formally declared the week of October 16–22, 2016, as Digital Citizenship Week! Filed last month, ACR 203 integrates Digital Citizenship […]

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Common Sense Media Launches #DeviceFreeDinner Campaign

Common Sense Media - #DeviceFreeDinner Graphic

If you were watching the Olympics, you might already know about Common Sense Media’s #DeviceFreeDinner Campaign. During prime-time Olympic coverage, Common Sense Media launched a challenge to families to put away devices at the dinner table. Throughout the Olympic events, NBC aired a series of Common Sense Media- created PSAs to announce the campaign to a […]

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Creative Commons Licensing – Part 2

If you enjoyed learning about Creative Commons licensing through Part 1 of Jim Bentley’s student-created video, you will be pleased to know that his 5th graders have just released Part 2: CC Licenses Explained: Please feel free to share this video – especially with your students. Although there are many videos available on the topic […]

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5th Graders Produce Video to Teach about Creative Commons Licensing

We are thrilled to showcase the work of Jim Bentley’s 5th grade class at Foulks Ranch Elementary School. The students enthusiastically responded to our request to produce a video that would teach students (and teachers) what Creative Commons licensing is all about. Given how easy it is to publish to the Internet, it is essential that […]

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