Common Sense Media announced in August that they had teamed with Nearpod to offer a more interactive version of their digital citizenship curriculum. In partnering with Nearpod, they are able to offer a whole new level of engagement and features for teachers and students. Through open-ended response questions, instantly graded quizzes, interactive polls, homework assignments, videos and the ability to add customized presentations, teachers can interact and respond instantly to teachable moments on all issues of digital citizenship. Teachers can also see the results of their students in real-time and can run post-lesson reports.

Several EGUSD computer resource teachers showed an interest in wanting to explore Nearpod as a way to deliver the already-in-use Common Sense Media lessons,  so we reached out to Nearpod to set up a hands-on training/tour of the lessons.

Nearpod Google Hangout

A small group of computer resource teachers/digital citizenship coordinators volunteered to attend a Google hangout session with Nearpod to tour the app’s features. We will be piloting (at no cost) the fee-based Common Sense Media/Nearpod digital citizenship curriculum at five of our elementary schools over the next several months:

  • Edna Batey Elementary School
  • Helen Carr Castello Elementary
  • Elk Grove Elementary
  • Elliott Ranch Elementary
  • Pleasant Grove Elementary

Click here to view a sample Common Sense Media/Nearpod lesson – Grades 3-5 – Super Digital Citizen

At the close of the program, we will post feedback from our pilot teachers.