Image Source: - Split Decisions

Image Source: – Split Decisions

Netsmartz newest NSTeens video, Split Decisions, shows positive ways for teens to resolve online conflicts… and what happens when they don’t. Two girls, Lily and Gabriela, make different decisions that lead them down very different paths. One leads to common ground and the other leads to digital drama.

Teens learning how to resolve conflicts before they escalate is an important part of helping to reduce cyberbullying instances. Small things (misunderstandings, rude comments, etc.) can quickly escalate and spread through social media at a very fast pace.

Netsmartz shares some great tips for teens to help them learn how to manage their emotions, make responsible decisions, and avoid digital drama.

  • Step away to calm down.
    Pick an activity that makes you feel better like taking a walk, reading a book, or listening to music.
  • Talk things out with a friend.
    Call, text, or get online with someone you trust. Choose a friend who will be supportive and calm you down.
  • Put on the other person’s shoes.
    It can be hard to tell what people mean online. A comment you see as an insult may have been meant as a joke.
  • Think about the consequences.
    Some teens have gotten detention, been suspended, and in a few cases even been arrested for things they said online.
  • Ask trusted adults for help.
    They may be able to give you good advice about how to deal with your feelings and help you talk calmly with the other person.

The NSTeens website also has some great reminders on what to do if you are being cyberbullied:

  • Never respond to harassing or rude comments.
  • Save or print the evidence.
  • Talk to your parents or guardian if you are harassed; get help reporting this to your ISP, school, or local law enforcement.
  • Respect others online.
  • Only share your password with your parent or guardian.
  • Change your passwords often.
  • Password protect your cell phone.
  • Use privacy settings to block unwanted messages.
  • Think before posting or sending photos – they could be used to hurt you.
  • Contact the site administrator if someone creates a social networking page in your name.

NS Teens also has added some new quizzes to their website.

  • To send or not to send – Thinking of sending a photo? Answer these true/false questions to find out if you should press send or think again.
  • Which type of Internet user are you? – Some people are barely online. Others have neck problems from constantly looking down at their phones. Which one are you?!
  • Can you keep it private? – What do you know about keeping information private and secure online? Take our quiz to find out!
  • NS Teens Challenge – Are you smart and safe online? Take the challenge to find out.