Photo of teens on laptop

With the holiday season approaching, parents may be interested in checking out a few tips for keeping kids safe on new devices, such as the latest smart phones, game systems and tablets. Below are a few suggestions:

  • establish ground rules for phone, online game access and use
  • make sure your children have privacy settings enabled on all of their devices for gaming or social media sites/apps they use
  • turn off location services on smart phones so chidren can’t “check-in” or display their location in photos or on social media websites
  • educate yourself on the latest and greatest games and apps and discuss with your children which ones are appropriate*
  • if you feel monitoring your children’s actions through parental controls is necessary, a good place to start is with your cell phone and/or Internet service provider*

* To learn more about apps children are using, visit Social Media 101 under the Parent Resource section of EGUSD’s Digital Citizenship website. You will also find helpful information links and resources on the Parental Controls page.