Computer Lab Schedule Link 2017-2018

Basic Procedures

Turning on computers:

If you don’t have access to Insight to control the computers, each computer will need to be turned on manually. I sign on all the computers with the user name: crstudent and the password: Abc1234, when I use Insight. Otherwise, you can direct the students to log on with these credentials.

Students entering the room:

When students arrive to the lab, I have them sit down on the carpet. I then give them instructions and ask them to walk to a computer (students do not have assigned computers). Any disagreements can be solved by the students with “rock, paper, scissors”.

Students logging on:

Direct students to the Google Chrome Browser. When they select it, it should take them to my website,, which forwards to an EduBlog.
They know how to access learning resources through the site. Otherwise, they can manually enter the url of a site they wish to visit.

Students Resources:

You can direct students to I have numerous resources for them. They can take their pick for today.

About YouTube

No students are allowed on YouTube. Any videos I want them to view, I have run through SafeYouTube, and they are linked on

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