K / 1 Links

Note: Some games require Flash to play correctly.


Counting Fish (adding and clicking)
Purple Pizza Eaters (fractions: halves, thirds, fourths)
Tangram Puzzles (clicking, dragging, rotating)
Patch Tool (tangrams; clicking, dragging and rotating)
Dinosaur Dentist (number doubles with + and -, clicking and dragging)
Fuzz Bugs (adding, number bonds, clicking and dragging)
Skip Counting (clicking and cursor movement)
Jig Zone (sorting by attributes, drag and drop)
Same or Different (clicking, sorting by attributes)


Cup Stacking (keyboard skills)
Flappy Dragon (arrow keys)
Hero in the Ocean 1 (arrow keys, space bar)
Hero in the Ocean 2 (arrow keys, space bar)
Make a Pizza (click, drag, drop, resize)
Mouse Clicking (speed and accuracy)
Sparkanoid (mouse skills, speed/accuracy)
Mousercise (numerous mouse skills required)
NumberPad Practice (number key practice with the right hand)
Space Giraffe (space bar practice)

Keytime Tutorial Video


Cyber-Five (Internet safety rules)
Make a Robot (clicking, dragging, dropping, rotating)


Letter Trace (practice letter formation, mouse accuracy)
Alphabet Order (alphabetizing, clicking, dragging, dropping)
Monster Mansion (alphabet match by sound or letter name)


Back to School (drag and drop)

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