The Advantage of Pause and Repeat

A wonderful way to deliver lesson concepts is through video lectures. Videos enable students to see, hear, pause and repeat instruction. This gives students an unlimited number of attempts to master content. Sites like EdPuzzle help teachers embed assessment within a video to assess student understanding. Most of my instructional videos are stored in my YouTube account, which is managed by EGUSD. Salman Khan, shown in the video below, created Khan Academy, which offers video tutorials focused primarily on math. His video addresses the benefits of recording lectures for students.

When I want to record a lesson from my desktop, I use Screencastify. When my recording is complete, Screencastify generates a shareable link, and I have the option to upload directly to my YouTube channel. I can then customize the video’s thumbnail, write a description for the video, and allow comments. I can also add the video to a playlist to keep content organized by topic. Uploading to YouTube also generates an embed code, which I can paste into my blog posts for immediate viewing. This makes YouTube a great repository for lessons, making them accessible year after year. If the video remains in my Google account (default location), the video can be safely shared through Google Classroom. This helps students who were absent to receive project instructions so they, too, can participate in classroom activities.

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