Podomatic’s Mini Podcaster

Podomatic’s Minicast Maker, currently in beta, is a web-based,  video slide show creator. Simply start with an audio track from your computer or from PodOmatic’s media library (no more than 10 minutes in length). Enter a title and description for your video. Next, upload up to 150 photos, dragging and dropping them into the desired order. Then, add a variety of transitions and the number of seconds to display each slide (I usually select evenly distribute). Uploads can take 5-20 minutes, depending on file size. Once the upload begins, you can leave the web page and Podomatic will send you a link when the video is ready.

The presentation below was made for Tri County Wildlife Care. Susan Manning, Director of Animal Care, provided tips to help keep pets and wildlife safe. You can visit TCWC to learn more about this amazing organization and their efforts to rescue sick, injured, and orphaned wildlife.

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