Welcome to Cosumnes River! We accept Welcome packets between the hours of 7:30 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. Our office staff will be happy to provide assistance with explaining documents needed, looking up your street address, and any other questions you may have. Please return the completed Welcome packet back to your child’s home school by appointment with Norma Allen.  You can make an appointment by phone: 916-682-2653 or email: nallen@egusd.net

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Click here for a video on how to register during our school closure.

Please be aware that conditions exist in the Elk Grove Unified School District which may require:

  1. Your child to be reassigned to another classroom at their home school;
  2. Your child to be reassigned to another Elk Grove school during the school year;
  3. Your child to be reassigned to another track (Year Round Calendar School Only).

The circumstances for these conditions include:

  • Overcrowding at the home school
  • Overcrowding at a grade level
  • Overcrowding on a specific track (Year Round Calendar School Only)
  • Boundary changes created by the building of new schools. Boundary changes affect students at all levels; elementary, middle and high school.

Intradistrict Transfers (transfers from one school within EGUSD to another within EGUSD):

  • In the Elk Grove Unified School District, the main reason for Intradistrict Transfer requests is for child care.  All Intradistrict Transfer requests for reasons other than child care require review and approval of a Director in Elementary Education.
  • Pre-existing Intradistrict Transfer applicants will have to annually complete the Verification of Child Care form.

Interdistrict Transfers (transfers from a school in another school district to EGUSD):

  • All Interdistrict Transfer requests are reviewed and approved through Elementary Education.  Please contact (916) 686-7704 with questions about the Interdistrict Transfer process.

Please call the school office at (916) 682-2653 if we can be of any further assistance.