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Whipped Cream, and Syrup and Orange Juice, Oh My!

The multipurpose room at Cosumnes River Elementary School was the scene of great laughter, mayhem, and delight on Friday, December 4th.  It was an alternative breakfast serving you don’t often see, with one person singled out as the guest of honor — Principal Michael Gulden.

After applauding students for their efforts in raising more than $61,000 in their recent fundraising fun run, he honored his pledge to do something crazy for such an outstanding school-wide achievement.  That crazy meant taking a seat in a small plastic pool, donning goggles and rubber pants, and being pelted, layered and drenched with a variety of discarded and out-of-date breakfast items.

Two students from each grade, along with top fun run fundraisers, were chosen to handle the food service to Principal Gulden by selecting from a collection of gathered food items and preparing to give him a special delivery.  He noted that now he was clearly aware of what was going to be the very messy distinction between someone wishing to “make something for breakfast for me” and a person offering “to make me something for breakfast.”  Still, as students readied their foods, gathered their giddy nerves, and determined target areas, Principal Gulden did not back down.

The result was a head-to-toe smorgasbord of ginormous proportions, including orange juice (extra cold of course), syrup, oats, cereal, bacon, whipped cream, and raw eggs.  Asked how he felt near the end, he said, “very sticky” — while a bystander was overheard to say, “he looks like he should feel delicious.”

Laughter resonated throughout the ordeal, capped with an ear-splitting chant of “ON HIS HEAD” when the students wielding eggs stepped up to offer up their version of over-easy and sunny side up with an egg-cellent application of splattered and shattered yolks, shells and whites.

Principal Gulden certainly had his day of reckoning  — one that no doubt filled him with pride for a Roadrunner student body having undertaken an impressive collective job well done.  Kudos to Dawn Costella for orchestrating the “principal’s challenge” and for coordinating the donation of an equal amount of fresh food for the Elk Grove Food Bank, to match the amount of discarded/outdated food used in the event and to build on the school’s longstanding success with their food drive.

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