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Professional Learning Opportunities

Arbinger Outward Mindset in Education Trainings

language Outward Mindset – A Dream
language Outward Mindset – Creating Awareness
movie Mindset B4 Process Pre-Service Training

We are proud to offer a variety of workshops for the convenience of all EGUSD employees.

Curriculum and Professional Learning is very excited to be able to offer a new way to register for district-sponsored courses. Click on the eSchool Solutions Electronic Registrar Online (ERO) icon below. When you get to the ERO home page, Use your district email for “ID,” (e.g., jdoe@egusd.net) and then enter the same password you would use to logon to your district PC or to access your email.

Request a copy of your transcript by emailing your name and EIN to “Professional Learning Transcript Request.”

eSchool Logo Login Screen

Professional Learning Handbook (.pdf)
JETA Job Enhancement Training Handbook (.pdf)
Professional Learning FAQ’s (.pdf)
Instructions for Accessing and Navigating ERO (.pdf)
A-H Prior Approval Form (.pdf)
Classified Prior Approval Form (.pdf)
Classified Inservice Credit Form (.pdf)
California Standards for the Teaching Profession (CSTP) (.pdf)
Directions to the Technology Service’s Annex (.pdf)

Workshop Proposal Forms
The process for getting a Districtwide or Site-based Workshop or a Book Study approved and supported by the Professional Learning Department is as follows:

  • Complete a Workshop or Book Study Proposal Form (see below).
  • Submit the form to the Professional Learning Department.
  • Once approved, the workshop will be assigned a course number.
  • A sign-in sheet(s) and evaluation forms will be sent to you.
  • Professional Learning will advertise districtwide workshops.
  • When the workshop is completed, the sign-in sheet(s) and evaluation forms are sent back to the Professional Learning Department.

Districtwide Workshop Proposal Form
Site-Based Workshop Proposal Form
Book Study Proposal Form

EGUSD Professional Learning Provider (PLP) Certification

As EGUSD migrates to a new platform for professional learning registration and tracking, the Professional Learning Provider (PLP) Certification presentation is no longer available. We are working to create a new certification process.

In the meantime, all interested staff members may propose/present at in-district workshops without completing the Certification.

The Curriculum Professional Learning office asks that you please have a coworker who is already a certified PLP guide you through the process, or that you contact Renee Hammond or Sylvia Avalos in CPL at (916) 686-7757 with any questions.

Please be sure to read all workshop paperwork (both the proposal forms and the approval packets that will be sent to you upon workshop approval) very carefully, as they both contain detailed directions and information that presenters/proposers will need to follow.

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