Professional Development

2013 Pre-Service for Mathematics

The following PowerPoint and handouts were provided to the attendees at the CCSS/Go Math! Pre-Service training that was held at the beginning of the 2013-14 school year.

EGUSD CCSS/Go Math! Sixth Grade PreService 2013 PowerPoint – Student engagement, Standards for Mathematical Practice, Go Math! Assessment options, EGMAP Assessments and lesson planning

Questions for Guiding Lesson Planning Handout– Planning for student engagement, lesson design and questions to guide grade level discussion

Go Math! Assessment Options Handout – Chart outlining various assessment options, purposes and locations with resources

CCSS Resources for Students, Parents, & Guardians – One-page list of online resources for students, parents and guardians

Lesson Planning Template – Two-page planning template designed for Go Math! lessons

Supporting the 8 Mathematical Practices Through Questioning Handout – Answers for matching activity, reproduced from Go Math! Planning Guide (pg.29)

Putting the 8 Standards for Mathematical Practice into Daily Instruction (6th grade) Handout – Overview of Susan O’Connell and John San Giovanni’s book, Putting the Practices into Action, includes sixth grade examples

CCSS Training for Mathematics – 6th Grade (Summer 2013)

The following PowerPoint and handouts were provided to the attendees during the two days of Common Core/Go Math! Sixth grade training that was held throughout the summer of 2013.

EGUSD CCSS/Go Math! Sixth Grade Training Day 1 2013 – Understanding the relationships between CCSS mathematics rationale, content standards and Standards for Mathematical Practice

EGUSD CCSS/Go Math! Sixth Grade Training Day 2 2013– Using Go Math! materials as a tool for teaching CCSS and designing a CCSS math lesson