California’s Common Core State Standards are thought of as standards for mathematics and English Language Arts (ELA), but they have implications for History/Social Science, as well!   The full name of the ELA standards is actually the Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts, Literacy in History/Social Studies, and Science and Technical Subjects. These are not history or social science content standards.  However, they describe skills that students should have in order to be successful in disciplines such as history.

California’s History/Social Science content standards still describe what students need to learn in terms of history and the social sciences.   With CCSS, history teachers will weave into their instruction experiences and assignments that help students to develop CCSS literacy skills.  As an example, when reading historical documents, students will learn how to analyze how the author supports his or her claims and assertions.  Further, students will learn to evaluate whether the author’s reasoning is valid, and whether the evidence that he or she presents is relevant and sufficient.

The Common Core State Standards assist students in being able to interpret the reading that they do in history, and to write in a manner that reflects some command of the type of thinking used by historians and social scientists.  As students become familiar with these Common Core practices, their study of History/Social Science will become even more engaging and relevant.


California K-12 History-Social Science Standards

California Common Core Literacy Standards for History/Social Science

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