Grade-Specific Rubrics

The EGUSD CCSS-Aligned Rubrics have been centrally located on one page. Click here to access grade-specific rubrics.

Professional Development
Preservice, 2014

2nd Grade – Preservice PowerPoint – This PowerPoint was used by second grade presenters for the year-round, modified-traditional, and traditional preservice dates.

Selected Standards for Open Court – Units 1 – 3  – This resource identifies standards that could be taught with any of the unit 1, 2, and 3 selections. Additional comments regarding instructional connections are located in the third column.

Text-Dependent Question (TDQ) Bank – This TDQ bank includes multiple question frames organized by reading-literature and reading-informational text standard. Some standards do not have examples since it’s completely dependent on the texts being used as to what the question could be (e.g., standards asking students to compare texts).

Selection Assessments Notice:

Due to previous accessibility of the assessments to any individual who visits this webpage (including the potentional for students to view the answers for upcoming assessments), the Open Court selection assessments have been moved into Outlook’s Public Folders.

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Writing Prompts

Narrative Writing Prompt – Unit 1 selections from Open Court could be used to model the writing expectations of this narrative prompt

Informational Writing Prompt – Information from Unit 3 selections from Open Court are referenced in this prompt.

Graphic Organizers for Reading and Writing Standards

Charting Character Responses (RL 3)

Unit 3 – Animal Camouflage

Why The Dinosaurs Disappeared

Why The Dinosaurs Disappeared – Main Topic (RI 2, RI8)


Illustrations/Supporting Evidence (RI 7)


Additional Resources

2nd Grade – Standards at a Glance – This document contains the ELA standards for 2nd grade only.

Standards-Alignment Guide – This resource may be used for 3 primary functions: 1) the determination of standards to align to various texts by having the user ask him/herself a series of questions; 2) the creation of text-dependent questions through sample question frames; and 3) the identification of clear learning objectives tied to specific reading standards. The sample questions and deconstructed tasks found within the document in the second and third columns respectively were modified from work produced by the Delaware Department of Education.

Sample Reading Tasks – CCSS Appendix B Excerpts – In order to best connect reading to writing, the K-2 reading performance tasks described in Appendix B of the CCSS document was excerpted and organized by grade-level in order to help provide teachers with examples of reading tasks that could be turned into writing tasks.

Central Message – Graphic Organizer Version 1 – This graphic organizer is used to identify a central message, collect evidence, and then analyze how the evidence connects to the identified central message. There is a checklist of things to consider when identifying a central massage (the difference between graphic organizers).

Central Message – Graphic Organizer Version 2 – This graphic organizer is used to identify a central message, collect evidence, and then analyze how the evidence connects to the identified central message.

Three Little Pigs – script – This anonymous version of The Three Little Pigs was used as the text for sample evidence and the evidence sort activity as presented during pre-service.

Evidence Sort – “The Library” – This sort contains the evidence strips that were used when teaching central message for the selection “The Library” found in Open Court.

Pre-Service Training for ELA (July/August 2013)

PowerPoint for 2nd Grade Pre-Service – This was the PowerPoint used for the July 15-16 and August 12-13 pre-service workshops. Videos used during the training can be accessed by going to the specific ppt. slide, putting the ppt. in presentation mode, and then clicking on the hyperlinked icons.

CCSS Training for ELA – 2nd Grade (Summer 2013)

The following powerPoint and handouts were provided to the attendees at the Common Core second grade training held throughout the summer of 2013.

PowerPoint Used for Summer Training  – Speaking & Listening, Reading-Literature, Informational Text, and Foundational Skills

Selected Standards Matrix for Open Court Selections – This teacher-created resource identifies Common Core standards that align to Open Court  selections. It also makes some recommendations about the order that social studies and science might be instructed. This is an Excel document, and each O.C. unit is listed as a workbook sheet. Click on the worksheet titles at the bottom of the document to access each unit.