Teacher-Created Kindergarten Resources

The following resources were developed by teachers for teachers to help prepare their students for the CCSS-aligned trimester benchmark assessments in addition to providing more opportunities for kindergarten students to write. Recognition must be given to EGUSD Sunrise teachers Julie Radke and Felicia Suine who are willing to share what they have developed on this page.

High-Frequency Word Resource

High Frequency Flash Card Games – This resource, created by Heather Wright at Elliott Ranch, provides several ideas for high frequency word games as well as provide the high frequency words.

Report Card Alignment Resource

Revised Kindergarten Correlation with Trimester Benchmark Assessments – REVISED: September, 2015. This document was created to help teachers determine where EGUSD benchmark assessments align to the current report card. It includes the newest revisions to trimester 2 and 3 for math. In cases where there is no district, formal assessment, teachers are to use their own data (e.g., observations, anecdotal documentation, teacher/site-created assessments) to complete the report card.

Kindergarten Report Card Alignment with CCSS – This document is meant to both help teachers determine what standards should be connected with which language on the existing report card and  help teachers communicate student progress to parents.

Homework Writing Resources

The following Trimester writing prompts can be included into weekly homework packets in a format designed to prepare students for the new EGUSD/CCSS trimester writing assessment.

Dictation Lessons-This document has the dictation lessons to be used with the student dictation journal pages.

Dictation Journal Pages -This template has room for four dictated words and a sentence.

Trimester 1:  Narrative – Draw a picture representing first/last

Writing-homework-CCSS-Tri-1-weekend– Topic: What you did over the weekend

Writing-homework-CCSS-Tri-1-trip – Topic: What you did on a trip

Writing-homework-CCSS-Tri-1-morning – Topic: What you do in the morning

Writing-homework-CCSS-Tri-1-after-school – Topic: What you do after school

Trimester 2:  Informative – Draw a picture & write a sentence telling about…

Writing-homework-CCSS-Tri-2-animal – Topic: an animal

Writing-homework-CCSS-Tri-2-friend – Topic: a friend

Writing-homework-CCSS-Tri-2-family – Topic: a family member

Writing-homework-CCSS-Tri-2-toy – Topic: a toy

Writing homework CCSS Tri 2 game – Topic: a game

Trimester 3:  Opinion – Draw a picture & write a sentence telling about your favorite ___ and why.

Writing-homework-CCSS-Tri-3-weekend – Topic:  favorite event from the weekend

Writing-homework-CCSS-Tri-3-fav-food – Topic: favorite food

Writing homework CCSS Tri 3 fav place – Topic: favorite place to go

Writing homework CCSS Tri 3 fav gift – Topic:  favorite gift

Writing homework CCSS Tri 3 fav holiday – Topic: favorite holiday

Homework back page – A basic skills sheet to be inserted/included into the homework as a reference for parents.

Entry Assessment & Progress Reports

Aligned to the new EGUSD kindergarten assessments, entry assessment recording page with student sheets and optional trimester progress reports.

Entry Recording Sheet

1st Trimester Progress Sheet

2nd and 3rd Trimester Progress Sheet

High-Frequency Word List – large font

Labeling Pages

Label the important parts of objects & animals (teacher & student samples).  In labeling pictures, students address writing standard 8 (gathering information) as well as writing standard 2 (writing to inform).

Fish label with key – Label the important parts of a fish.  Compliments Open Court By the Sea Unit.

Leaf  label with key – Label the important parts of a leaf.  Compliments fall thematic unit.

Penguin label with key – Label the important parts of a penguin.  Compliments winter thematic unit.

Pumpkin label with key –  Label the important parts of a pumpkin.  Compliments thematic pumpkin unit in October or California Science Plants Life Science Unit.

Graphic Organizers

The following organizers are resources for gathering information and organizing it.  This allows students to easily transfer ideas from a group setting where they record sentences to individual writing pages (completed & blank samples).  In completing graphic organizers, students address writing standard 8 (gathering information) as well as writing standard 2 (writing to inform).

Bubble map – blank sample.  Use for recording information on plants, people, etc.

Tree map – blank sample.  Use for recording information on animals, people, etc.

Area 3 Writing Project Journal pages

The following journal pages are inspired by kindergarten journals showcased in the Area 3 Writing project.  They encourage a three step (first, next last) product and can be used in a variety of writing styles such as Narrative and Informative.

Writing 3 box plain line – Plain lines are easiest for beginning writers.

Writing 3 box lines – Top, middle, and bottom lines.  Best for intermediate writers.

Journal half sheet 3 lines – Intended to be made into a 3 page book.

Pinterest Writing Board

Other ideas on writing can be found on Felicia Suine’s Pinterest Board “Kindergarten Writing.”  You do NOT need an account to view the ideas posted.  Selecting, then clicking on a “Pin” will take you to the blog where the idea originated.  This page will explain the project in depth and provide more information on the writing idea.  You will need to create an account ONLY if you would like to “repin” the post.


Grade-Specific Rubrics

The EGUSD CCSS-Aligned Rubrics have been centrally located on one page. Click here to access grade-specific rubrics.

Additional Resources

Text-Dependent Question (TDQ) Bank – This TDQ bank includes multiple question frames organized by reading-literature and reading-informational text standard. Some standards do not have examples since it’s completely dependent on the texts being used as to what the question could be (e.g., standards asking students to compare texts).

Narrative Writing Prompts and Instructional Support – This resource was developed to build student skills assessed on the Trimester 1 Benchmark Writing Task. Instructional support includes practice writing prompt and text-dependent questions (TDQs) that can be asked during reading instruction.

Phonemic Awareness and Phonics Resource – This shows teachers where they can preteach and provide additional practice for phonemic awareness and phonics skills from what is available in Open Court. It recommends teaching letter names and sounds together from the beginning of the year.

Kindergarten – Standards at a Glance – This document contains the ELA kindergarten standards only.

Standards-Alignment Guide – This resource may be used for 3 primary functions: 1) the determination of standards to align to various texts by having the user ask him/herself a series of questions; 2) the creation of text-dependent questions through sample question frames; and 3) the identification of clear learning objectives tied to specific reading standards. The sample questions and deconstructed tasks found within the document in the second and third columns respectively were modified from work produced by the Delaware Department of Education.

Sample Reading Tasks – CCSS Appendix B Excerpts – In order to best connect reading to writing, the K-2 reading performance tasks described in Appendix B of the CCSS document was excerpted and organized by grade-level in order to help provide teachers with examples of reading tasks that could be turned into writing tasks.


Resources to Support CCSS Reading-Foundational Skills – This document was intended to provide additional resources for student attainment of phonological awareness skills.  All kindergarten training attendees were provided a copy as well as one copy for each first grade team per site.


Rhyming Cards – This pdf file contains pictures that teachers at Sunrise Elementary use to help students understand/practice rhyming skills.