Welcome to this resource page intended for teachers of Elk Grove Unified’s 7-12 ELA Literacy class. This course is an intensive intervention class that utilizes the CA Language! Live curriculum. Documents found on this page are created by Elk Grove Unified School District and may not be sold or used for personal profit. They are, however, available for classroom use by educators.

2017 – 18 Eligibility Criteria

Students enrolled in ELA Literacy are first deemed eligible using multiple data points which may include historical performance of standardized tests (CST/SBAC), spelling inventory results, cumulative folder review, and reading fluency/comprehension assessment. Once students are enrolled in the course, they are given three benchmark assessments to determine specific placement within the utilized curriculum. Attached is the eligibility criteria guides currently used by EGUSD. ELA Literacy Eligibility Criteria

Student Contract/ “TO DO” Handouts by Level and Unit – Word Training

The intent behind the creation of the following documents is three-fold.

  1. While the curriculum provides teachers with a dashboard where they can check on individual student scores, there is a lot of additional “clicking” that teachers need to do at the lesson level to investigate student progress. By requesting that students keep track of progress on a hardcopy, teachers can more easily and efficiently check student progress. (NOTE: there were instances were students were skipping activities/recordings, so this handout also serves as an accountability for them.)
  2. Alleviating student anxiety or frustrations was a second reason. During the Word Training section, activities for students may seem endless since they do not have a clear sense of how many activities, tutorials, and check for understanding/key concept quizzes they will need to do in a lesson. This provides a visual, agenda-like structure for students.
  3. The third reason was to provide students with a means of reflection and contractual obligation to themselves. Students who struggle with reading face additional challenges such as lack of self-efficacy or perseverance. Short-cutting activities will only sabotage their efforts to increase their reading skills.
Level One:

Unit 1     Unit 2    Unit 3     Unit 4     Unit 5     Unit 6     Unit 7     Unit 8    Unit 9    Unit 10    Unit 11    Unit 12

Level Two:

Unit 1  Unit 2    Unit 3   Unit 4     Unit 5    Unit 6     Unit 7      Unit 8     Unit 9    Unit 10   Unit 11    Unit 12


Reteach Lessons – Text Training

Teachers have been asking for more reteach lessons that align more specifically with the skills directly taught in Text Training units. Below are pdfs that do just that. The resources are available for free via the website Englishlinx.com and have been renamed/organized on this page to correspond with the CA Language Live curricular units. The “Table of Contents” for each unit provides an overview of the grammar work of that respective unit. (Note: all levels/units have not been finished, but they will be added as they are completed.) “Practice Activity” is denoted as “PA” in the documents below. The letters “A,” “B,” etc. give multiple options for the specific skill being taught for the given Practice Activity.

Level 2, Unit 1:

Table of Contents – Overview    PA One A    PA One A-option 2    PA One B    PA One C    PA 2A-Part 1    PA 2A-Part 2    PA 2B-Part 1    PA 2B-Part 2     PA 2C-Part 1     PA 2C-Part 2    PA 3A     PA 3B    PA 3C    PA 3D    PA 4A     PA 4B    PA 4C    PA 5A-Part 1     PA 5A-Part 2    PA 5B    PA 5C     PA 5D    PA 7A     PA 7B    PA 7C    PA 7D    PA 7E    PA 7F

Level 2, Unit 2

Table of Contents – Overview   PA 3A    PA 3B    PA 4A    PA 4B    PA 4C    PA 5A    PA 5B    PA 5C    PA 6A     PA 6B    PA 6C    PA 8A    PA 8B

Level 2, Unit 3

Table of Contents – Overview   Than v Then     PA 2A    PA 2B    PA 3A    PA 3B    PA 3C    PA 3D    PA 3E    PA 4A    PA 4B      PA 5A-Part 1    PA 5A-Part 2     PA 5B     PA 5C     PA 5D     PA 5E   PA 6A    PA 6B    PA 6C    PA 9A    PA 9B    PA 9C    PA 10A    PA 10B

Level 2, Unit 4

Table of Contents – Overview   PA One A-option 1    PA One A-option 2    PA One B    PA 2A    PA 2B     PA 2C     PA 3    PA 4    PA 5A      PA 5B

Level 2, Unit 5

Table of Contents – Overview   PA One    PA 2A    PA 2B    PA 2C    PA 2D    PA2E    PA 5A    PA 5B    PA 7    PA 8