Electronic Curriculum and Professional Learning Resources

As EGUSD continues to implement the California Common Core State Standards, EGUSD recognizes that a lot of professional learning is necessary to help with the transition. Yet, not everyone has time to attend 1-3 hours of an after-school professional learning opportunity. Therefore, the purpose for this library (which will build over time), is to offer 10-20 minute modules with a singular focus aligned to implementing the Common Core.

Introduction to Text-Dependent Questions  (13 min., 44 sec.)
This module is intended to bring a general awareness of the characteristics of text-dependent questions versus text-related or text-inspired questions. This module was informed by the work of contributing CCSS authors such as David Coleman, David Liben, Meredith Liben, and Susan Pimentel.

Introduction to Text-Dependent Questions – Elementary Emphasis (11 min., 11 sec)
With an emphasis on kindergarten through third grade examples, this module provides an explanation of text-dependent questions (TDQs), a rationale for their use, and examples/non-examples of  TDQs.

Using Rubrics as Instructional Tools (9 min., 54 sec.)
This eCPL compares the differences between a holistic and an analytic rubric as well as discusses the pros/cons of each. Focusing on an example of the EGUSD CCSS-aligned rubrics, the eCPL illustrates how to use the rubric both to plan lessons and to use with students throughout the writing process.

Aligning Step Up to Writing with CCSS (13 min. 33 sec.)
This eCPL addresses three objectives:

  1. Provides viewers with rationale and revision to terminology in the SUTW resource that many EGUSD teachers use.
  2. Identifies practices to discontinue as a result of the alignment.
  3. Stresses the need to connect writing opportunities to reading standards.