General Resources 

8th Grade Standards Alignment Guide – This three column document provides guidance for teachers for determining standards, crafting text-dependent questions, and identifying a specific learning objective. Column one presents questions that teachers could ask themselves to identify whether the standard is appropriate or not. Column two has question frames, and column three deconstructs the numerous discrete skills necessary for students to master the corresponding standard.

Grade-Specific Rubrics

The EGUSD CCSS-Aligned Rubrics have been centrally located on one page. Click here to access grade-specific rubrics.

Pre-Service Powerpoint/Handouts – August, 2014

Middle School PowerPoint – This PowerPoint was used for the August 12, 2014 pre-service training for middle school ELA teachers.

Resource Handout

Webb’s Depth of Knowledge Chart

SBAC 7th Grade Performance Task Example

Deconstructing a Performance Task Handout

Note: EGUSD-created performance tasks are available for viewing by EGUSD teachers. They are located in the Public Folders found in Outlook. Pathway: Teachers!…EGMAP…__Grade…ELA

Pre-Service Powerpoint/Handouts – August, 2013

Middle School PowerPoint – This PowerPoint was used for the August 13 pre-service training for middle school ELA teachers.

Analyzing a Photo – This graphic organizer was used to analyze a photo as a source for informational text.

Close Reading Texts – This graphic organizer was used to help students record evidence/inference/analysis when close reading/synthesizing two texts. (Used during training with text #6 and #7 with the Odell units)

Multi-Media Graphic Organizer – This handout was used to closely read the multi-media text about Ellis Island. Slides in the PowerPoint correspond to provide possible guiding questions.

Metacognitive Writing Prompts – These three prompts are options for asking students to reflect metacognitively on their own ability to analyze text and closely read.

8th Grade Writing Prompts (standards #1 and #2) – This collection of 8th grade prompts are provided as options for teachers. Prompts address both informational and argument writing purposes and are aligned to specific informational reading standards.

Odell Education Website – This link takes you to Odell Education which is the source for the resources/texts used during pre-service.

Professional Development

8th Grade CCSS Training Documents – Feb. 13, 2013

8th Grade CCSS PowerPoint  – Used for Feb. 13, 2013 training

Resources Handout – Provides an annotated list of valuable CCSS online resources

8th Grade CCSS – PDF of 8th grade Common Core standards, found at the Tulare County Office of Education website.

Questions Frames/Stems – CCSS, 8th Grade – Modeled after the examples provided by the Delaware Department of Education, this document provides question frames aligned to each reading standard, literature and informational text.

Blank Template 8th Grade RL Standards – This was used as the template to write text-dependent questions connected to Holt selections or core novel chapters.

Site-Created TDQs for Holt and Core Novels (1 of 2)

TDQ Sweet Lemon Brown 8th Grade TJMS (2 of 2)

Say/Do/Mean graphic organizers – These graphic organizers offer a close-reading approach for text.

Evaluating Online Sources – Various forms of this resource exist online and can be attained from a simple Google search. Many universities use this exact title.

Sample MANGO Prompt w/Research Layer – This prompt was inspired by the work at KAMS and modified to include a layer of research.

Prompts – Site-Created w/ a Research “Layer”