Grade-Specific Rubrics

The EGUSD CCSS-Aligned Rubrics have been centrally located on one page. Click here to access grade-specific rubrics.

Additional Resources

Standards Alignment Guide – This 3-column handout is organized as follows: Column 1 – Questions to ask yourself to determine which Common Core standards work best with a particular text. Column 2 – Lists sample question frames for each standard. Column 3 – Deconstructs the standard to discrete skills associated with the standard. Column 3 is useful for writing targeted learning objectives. Much of the content for column 2 and 3 utilized work done by the Delaware Department of Education.

6th Grade Standards at a Glance – 6th Grade standards condensed into one document

Language of Writing Instruction – Lists CCSS writing terminology and identifies at which grade level each term is used

6th Grade CCSS Reading Standards for Literature and Informational Text – Reading – Literature and Informational Text standards, side-by-side

Text-Dependent Question (TDQ) Bank – This TDQ bank includes multiple question frames organized by reading-literature and reading-informational text standard. Some standards do not have examples since it’s completely dependent on the texts being used as to what the question could be (e.g., standards asking students to compare texts).

Guiding/Criteria Questions When Crafting Writing Prompts – Provides a description of the three purposes of writing in the CCSS and guiding questions to ask oneself when crafting a prompt