Our featured student this month is Kassidee from Ms. Adams’ fifth-grade class! Kassidee has focused her “I Am” poem on how she plans to give back one day.

I Am Poem
by Kassidee

I am a future pediatrician.
I wonder how much work it takes to be a doctor.
I hear that most people in my family are diabetic.
I see kids that need help with health problems.
I hope that I can help poor kids in need.
I am a future pediatrician.

I pretend that I made history for helping sick kids.
I feel like I can change the world.
I touch people’s lives.
I worry when someone in my family is sick.
I cry when I hear that a kid dies because of a sickness.
I am a future pediatrician.

I understand when kids are sick but their parents can’t afford it.
I say that every kid should get a chance to get treated for free.
I dream that I become a successful pediatrician.
I try to help my siblings or mom when they’re sick.
I hope I can pursue my dream of being a doctor.
I am a future pediatrician.