Distance Learning at Arthur C. Butler Elementary is no longer available.  Students will return to full in-person learning on July 13, 2021 for B, C, and D Tracks and August 16, 2021 for A Track – Please contact the Butler Office at (916) 681-7595 for more information.

This page has been created to help your child participate in Distance Learning.  In addition to the information below, you can visit EGUSD’s Family Resources page or click on this video for more information on Distance Learning.

Student Meal Distribution
EGUSD families may drive-thru our school parking lot to pick up student meals. Effective August 18th, meal pick-up is available Mondays through Fridays from 6:45 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. (Due to Hot Weather Concerns) – Please click here for more details including information on meal prices.

Chromebook Connection Issues
If you are attempting to log in using an EGUSD Chromebook you will first need to connect it to your home internet. These devices cannot be used without a connection to the internet. For detailed step by step instructions on connecting to your home or other WiFi network please look at your EGUSD Loaner Agreement or click here for an online copy. Details are found at the end of the document.
-Make sure you are logged in with your EGUSD Student Identification number
-Hard Reset the Chromebook: To fix some Chromebook problems, you might need to reset your Chromebook hardware, also called a hard reset. The hard reset can fix a wide range of problems such as keyboard, touchpad, battery, and peripheral issues. On your Chromebook’s keyboard, press and hold Refresh and tap Power for 10 seconds, then release. If the Chromebook does not start up, press Power once more.
-If you have no audio or video: Check that your volume is up and headphones are on if using headphones.
-Log out and log back in.

Student IDs and Passwords
Student IDs can be found on student report cards. If you are unable to locate your student’s ID or are new to Butler, you may request it from your child’s teacher or the Butler Office team.

StudentVue Portal (ClassLink Portal)
portal.egusd.net  – This is an access point to all student curriculum.  You can also click on the blue “Class Link Portal” button located on the left side of this page.  Students will enter their username (studentID@egusd.net) and password to log in.
Student Portal Log In Video Instructions

Google Classroom
Google Classroom is an online platform where all teachers grades K – 12th will post their assignments so that students may engage in asynchronous learning. Teachers will also communicate with students through Google Classroom.  Access Google Classroom directly through the portal. If you choose to access it via web address (classroom.google.com), you will need to ensure that the student account is being used by checking the user bubble in the top right corner. To switch accounts, click the user bubble and choose the appropriate account.

Google Classroom for Parents – English | Spanish | Hmong | Vietnamese

Instructions for Students on How to Access Google Classroom – English | Spanish | Hmong | Vietnamese

Parents Guide to Google Classroom Slide Show

How to Join a New Google Classroom Video Instructions (English)
How to Join a New Google Classroom Video Instructions (Dari Farsi)

NOTE: The most common problem that is being seen right now is that even after clicking on Google Classroom through the portal the computer may default to another account that you are signed into. When in Google Classroom check the bubble in the top right corner and see what account is being used. Class codes will only work on egusd.net accounts.

ParentVue Portal
The Student Information System used in EGUSD is called Synergy (ParentVue for parents and StudentVue for students).  If you have not yet set up your ParentVue account, you may do this by contacting the office. You may either call (916-681-7595) or email the office to retrieve your log in information.  Once you have enrolled in ParentVue you will be able to communicate with your child’s teacher and access grade information, when available. This is also a place where you can update your communication information such as email or phone numbers.
Video – What is ParentVue? (English)
Video – What is ParentVue? (Spanish)
Video – What is ParentVue? (Cantonese)
Video – What is ParentVue? (Hmong)
Video – What is ParentVue? (Vietnamese)
Video – What is ParentVue? (Dari Farsi)

Accessing the EGUSD Portal (English)
Accessing the EGUSD Portal (Dari Farsi)

Click here if you have any questions or need help troubleshooting SYNERGY: Link to information and troubleshooting for SYNERGY (Synergy is our student information system: ParentVUE & StudentVUE)

Zoom is a web based video conferencing service that is used to virtually meet with others – either by video or audio-only or both, all while conducting live chats.  Teachers will provide synchronous instruction through Zoom.  Students will need to be logged in by 8:00 a.m every morning.  Students will access Zoom through a link sent by their teacher or by entering the meeting ID # and password.  Access to Zoom may require a download when connecting to a link.  This is the normal way for the connection to be established.  Please be sure that the student uses their EGUSD personal account information. If prompted to log in, they may select “Log in with Google” and then use their district account (studentID@egusd.net) and district password. Students do not need to have access to a camera or microphone to participate but these devices do enhance the experience.

If you are having difficulty connecting to Zoom:
-Make sure you have the correct Zoom log in and password.
-Log out completely (out of Google Classroom) and try again
-Turn off Bluetooth
-Go to Settings and clear the cookie and cache (ctrl+shift+delete)
-Restart the Chromebook

-Try this process to log in:
Open Zoom in the browser window
Click Sign in with Google (instead of typing email/password)
Enter meeting ID
Enter meeting password

If the problem continues, contact your teacher by phone, text or ClassDojo (if applicable)
If you cannot contact them, contact the school directly (916) 681-7595

Tip: If not using a Chromebook, make sure they are using Google Chrome, not Internet Explorer.

If you get logged out of Zoom:
-Log back in and wait for your teacher to admit you back into the session

If the teacher gets logged out of Zoom:
-Stay on Zoom with your microphone on mute and wait for 2-3 minutes.
-If the teacher does not log back in after you wait 2-3 minutes, log off of Zoom and look in Google Classroom for work that has been posted for that day or read a book.
-Check your Google Classroom for a new Zoom log in. If there is not, try the previous Zoom log in.
-Attempt to log back in after 15 minutes. If the teacher does not admit you into the session, ask your parent to either call/text the teacher or call the school directly at (916) 689-7580.

How to Join Zoom Sessions Video (English)
How to Join Zoom Sessions Video (Dari Farsi)

How to Move from a Zoom to the Portal Video Instructions

How to Change Your Name in Zoom

iReady is an interactive online learning environment designed to assess students and provide individualized instruction based on each one’s unique needs.  The following links will help your child get started:

How to Begin the iReady Diagnostic Assessement Slide Show

How to Login to iReady to do Lessons Slide Show