The Elk Grove Unified School District operates a total budget of approximately $583 million. A wide variety of instructional, educational support and general support programs are included in the General Fund. Categorical projects funded by federal, state, county and local sources are also reported in this fund.

The majority of the funding for General Fund district services is provided by State of California’s new Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF) which is made up of state and local tax dollars based on student attendance. The LCFF provides base funding for all students as well as supplemental and concentration funding to support students from low income families, students with limited English skills and foster youth. The LCFF went into effect as of July 1, 2013.

These funds are included in the unrestricted General Fund. The restricted General Fund incorporates funding from the state for special education, transportation and other categorical projects. It also includes federal funding for No Child Left Behind programs, special education and other categorical projects. The balance of the funding for the General Fund comes from a variety of other sources including the California Lottery.

Other District funds provide for self-insurance and the acquisition, construction, maintenance, and start up of necessary facilities to house the student population and their related support services. Income for the facility construction has been provided, in part, by the State’s Office of Public School Construction, local developer fees, and voter-approved Mello-Roos bonds.

Like all school districts in California, the Elk Grove Unified School District is required by law to annually prepare a three-year balanced budget projection that must be adopted by the Board of Education by July 1. This budget is based on the Governor’s January budget, the May revise and, if passed in time, the legislature’s adopted budget.

To view the District’s 2016-17 State Report of Adopted Budget Financials, click on the link below.

EGUSD 2016-17 State Report of Adopted Budget Financials  (Please note that this information is based on a point in time and is subject to change.)

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