Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard


Mare Barrow lives in the Stilts with the other Reds.  Mare lives in a world divided by blood.  The lowly Reds serve the powerful Silvers.  Whether by fighting in the army or working in harsh conditions to supply what the Silvers need, the Reds must submit to the will of the Silvers for they have supernatural abilities which they use to control the Reds. Mare and her best friend, Kilorn, pick pockets to survive.  A series of troubling events lead Mare to make some desperate choices to help her family and save Kilorn from conscription into the army.  When she is caught picking the pocket of a Silver servant, she ends up getting a servant position at the king’s summer palace. While serving royalty during the Queenstrial, it is discovered that Mare has her own supernatural powers.  The royal family has no choice but to cover up who Mare really is and pass her off as long lost royalty, a Silver princess. As the Silver Princess, Mare begins to play a very dangerous game hoping to make change.

Serafina and the Black Cloak by Robert Beatty


Serafina is the CRC (Chief Rat Catcher) on the Vanderbilt’s Biltmore Estate where her father works as a maintenance man. Though she is a child of the night, Pa has warned her to stay away from the deep parts of the forest as there is an evil that lurks there.  Serafina is stealth in her maneuvers around the Biltmore Estate. People do not notice her and she has a skill of making herself almost invisible. But Serafina notices things, and when children start disappearing she knows it is the man with the black cape.  But which man?  There are several men visiting the Biltmore Estate.  Serafina, the CRC, sets out to catch a very dangerous rat! And, yes, she will have to venture into the forbidden forest to catch the man with the black cloak.

Ghosts by Raina Telgemeier


Catrina’s family is moving from sunny Southern California to Bahia de la Luna because it will be a better place for her little sister Maya to live.  Maya has Cystic Fibrosis, an incurable disease that affects the lungs and digestive system. Maya is obsessed with ghosts, and on their first day in Bahia de la Luna, the girls run into Carlos, who gives local ghost tours.  He tells the girls all about the ghosts in the community and later about the big Dia de Los Muertos celebration in November. Cat wants nothing to do with the ghosts or Carlos.  Cat gets a little freaked out when it comes to ghosts and anything scary.  It’s hard enough to move away from your best friends and get used to a new house, new town, and new school.  It’s hard enough to make new friends, but it is too much for Cat to have to deal with a town full of spirits and a little sister who seeks them out.

Deep Blue by Jennifer Donnelly


Daughter of Merrow, find the five

Brave enough to keep hope alive.

One whose heart will hold the light,

One possessed of a prophet’s sight.

One who does not yet believe,

Thus has no choice but to deceive.

One with spirit sure and strong,

One who sings all creatures’ songs.

Togehter find the talismans

Belonging to the six who ruled,

Hidden under treacherous waters

After light and darkness dueled.

These pieces must not be united, 

Not in anger, greed, or rage.

They were scattered by brave Merrow,

Lest they unlock destruction’s cage.

Come to us from seas and rivers, 

Become one mind, one heart, one bond.

Before waters, and all creatures in them,

Are laid to waste by Abbadon!

Serafina dreams a vivid nightmare of witches chanting this song to hold back an evil being the night before her Dokimi. At the Dokimi (trial), Serafina must perform three tasks to prove that she is the rightful heir to the Miromaran throne and next in line to the throne after her mother Isabella.  Sera must face Alitheia, a twelve-foot venomous sea spider that will test her blood to ensure that Sera is not an imposter. Next, she will perform a songcast demonstrating her magical talents.  Finally, she will recite her betrothal vows to Mahdi, the crown prince of Matali, and swear to provide the kingdom with a female heir. There is tension in the Miromara realm. Rafe Mfeme, a terragogg (human) with no respect for the sea, is working with Traho to attack the mer kingdoms all over the world.  Someone wants to find the six talismans and set Abbadon free.  The chant in her nightmare begins to make sense to Serafina as troubling events unfold.

Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo


Kaz Brekker, an enforcer and mastermind for the Dregs gang, puts together a team of six dangerous outcasts for an impossible task.  His team will earn 30 million kruge if they can break into a high-security Frejdan prison and break out Yul-Bayur, a scientist who has developed jurda parem, a drug that enhances Grisha powers.  Whoever is control of this substance could rule the world, if he can control the Grisha’s magic. Kaz’s puts a plan into action and will need to utilize the distinct skill set of each member of his team, but will this team of outcasts ever be able to work together and trust each other enough to accomplish this impossible task?

I Am Princess X by Cherie Priest


Libby and May meet one afternoon and begin creating Princess X together.  Over the next three years, their friendship blossoms as they create more adventures for Princess X with May creating the storyline and Libby the illustrations. The two best friends are inseparable until one terrible night when Libby and her mom a careen off a bridge in their car.  May is now sixteen.  She splits time between her divorced parents; Atlanta with her mom and Seattle with her dad.  One day, lonely and bored, in Seattle she spots a Princess X sticker on a store window, and then she sees her everywhere. Who could be doing this?  Is Libby alive?

Girl, Stolen by April Henry


The opportunity was there.  A Cadillac Escalade with the keys in the ignition.  Griffin seized the opportunity, jumped in, started the car and drove off.  Score!  “Stop our car and get out!” Cheyenne Wilder yelled from the back seat. Idiot! He forgot to check the backseat. Griffin drove faster. He had to get out of the shopping mall parking lot now.  He had to get somewhere where he could think. Cheyenne realized she was being kidnapped.  What Griffin doesn’t know yet is his passenger is the daughter of Nike’s president and she is blind.

Wonder by R.J. Palacio


August Pullman is entering middle school in the fall.  Auggie has never attended school before.  Auggie has mandibulofacial dysostosis, a facial defect, and because of the need for multiple surgeries, he was homeschooled until now.  Auggie’s parents encourage him to attend fifth grade at Beecher Prep.  Mr. Tushman, the principal at Beecher Prep, invites Auggie in over the summer to join a few students, Charlotte, Jack and Julian while they give him a tour of his new school. Auggie is excited to finally be going to a real school but at the same time, he is so nervous.  Will his classmates ever be able to see beyond his face and get to know the real Auggie?

The Body in the Woods by April Henry

body in the woods

Alexis, Ruby, and Nick are the newest members of Portland’s Search and Rescue.  Thrown together on a team during a search for a missing autistic man named Bobby, they couldn’t be more different.  Alexis can’t let people she meets get too close because then they’d find out about her mother’s mental illness.  Nick lost his dad in Iraq where his dad was a soldier.  Nick is always pushing himself to do more and be brave, trying to be the son of which his father would be proud.  Ruby is brilliant and obsessed with criminal forensics, but she lacks social skills so people find her a bit odd.  Knowing this is their first time out in the field searching for a missing person, their leader Mitchell Wiggins sends the trio to a location where they are unlikely to find him.  They don’t find Bobby but they do find a body of a young girl. As they call into the Search and Rescue base to report their discovery,  they are wondering if one of the hikers that they passed on the trail could be her killer?

The Hired Girl by Laura Am Schlitz

hired girl

Joan Skaggs is a bright fourteen-year-old who lives with her father and brothers on Steeple Farm.  Farm life is hard in 1911.  When Joan’s mother dies, her father will not allow her to return to school.  Her mother always hoped that Joan would use her education to get off the farm, but it looks like Joan is destined to keep her father’s house while her brothers and father toil in the fields. Miss Chandler, Joan’s teacher, visits Joan on the farm one day and presents her with  a beautiful journal encouraging Joan to practice her gift of writing. Her father, agitated by Miss Chandler’s interference, chases Miss Chandler off the farm mortifying and embarrassing Joan. How could her father be so unrefined? Joan is not one to be kept down on the farm.  Daily she plans her escape to a better life, maybe not the one her mother had dreamed for her, but definitely an escape from the harsh life at Steeple Farm. Joan makes her escape to the big city, and an adventure ensues which Joan shares with readers in her journal.