Calling All Minds: How to Think and Create Like an Inventor by Temple Grandin

Temple Grandin is a world-renowned scientist, inventor, and expert on visual thinking. Temple has autism. In her book Calling All Minds,  she shares creative projects with directions on how to complete them, information on inventors, the history of inventions and patents, and lots of other interesting information. Most of all, Temple Grandin encourages and inspires her readers to create, to invent, and to learn from their mistakes.

The Cruel Prince by Holly Black

Jude has been living in the High Court of Faerie since she was stolen from the mortal world at the age of seven. Madoc, general to the faerie king and her father in the faerie world, murdered her mother and father. He brought Jude to Faerie along with her twin sister Taryn and her half-sister, Vivi. Jude struggles to fit in the faerie world as a mortal.  She is under the protection of Madoc but mortals are often despised by the folk.  Jude has caught the eye of Prince Cardan, the youngest child of the king and a classmate of Jude’s.  Known as the Cruel Prince, Cardan and his group of fairy friends do everything thing they can to make Jude’s life miserable. Jude isn’t one to back down. Jude has hopes of becoming a knight, but she will need Madoc’s blessing to do so.

Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe by Benjamin Alire Sáenz

Aristotle is always in his own head.  He’s a thinker. He’s a loner.  He finds it hard to connect to his war veteran father and his sisters.  His brother is in prison. His mom is the only one who seems to get him but she won’t talk about his brother.  Ari is not happy. Ari is angry. Then one summer he heads to the pool in his El Paso community and there he meets Dante.  Dante is different, but he is friendly and kind. Dante becomes the first and only friend Ari has ever had. Will Dante be able to reach through all the barriers Ari has put up to protect himself from being hurt by family and friends? Will he be able to help Ari let go of all the anger and pressure Ari carries around in his heart?

What Would She Do? 25 True Stories of Trailblazing Rebel Women by Kay Woodward

What Would She Do? is filled with biographies of trailblazing women from a variety of cultures and countries. Read about the Trung sisters, Michelle Obama, and Marta Vieira da Silva among others. The illustrations and graphics in this book are vibrant. Each separate biography ends with ideas on how our “shero” would handle a current day situation.

I Am Malala by Malala Yousafzai

“Let us pick up our books and our pens, they are the most powerful weapons.” Malala Yousafzai’s autobiography is inspirational.  This young lady values education. In Taliban occupied Pakistan, girls were forbidden to receive an education.  Malala and her family continued to educate girls off and on at her father’s school under the oppressive occupation by the Taliban.  Malala gave her voice to their cause through her anonymous blog. Yet one day, as she was returning from school, a member of the Taliban boarded her bus demanding to know, “Who is Malala?” Upon discovering which young lady on the bus was Malala, he shot her and several others. He shot Malala in the face. Miraculously, Malala survived. She faced several operations and many months of recovery, but now she continues to write and speak on behalf of education for all.


Amal Unbound by Aisha Saeed

In her Pakastani village, Amal dreams of attending college and becoming a teacher.  So as the eldest daughter in her family of all daughters, Amal applies herself in all her lessons and always gives her best effort at school. She is Miss Sadia’s star pupil.  But when Amal insults the cruel area landlord, she finds herself in dire circumstances.  Because of this insult and the fact that her father owes the Khan family money, Amal must leave her family to work for the Khans. Her dreams of a bright future are slipping through her fingers.

Thunderhead by Neal Shusterman

The second book in the Arc of the Scythe series finds Scythe Anastasia gleaning with compassion and Scythe Lucifer gleaning corrupt scythes.  The corruption in scythedom pits the scythes against each other.  While the old guard scythes work to stick to the values and rules, followers of Scythe Goddard continue to push their corrupt ideas.  Thunderhead rules the world but the scythedom is out of its realm of control.  Rowan and Citra are losing faith in the system.  The old guard is losing ground, and the corrupt scythes are gaining more power.  Will Thunderhead cross established boundaries to help them?

Shadowshaper by Daniel Jose Older

Sierra Santiago looks forward to a summer of working on the mural she is painting in her Brooklyn neighborhood. While working on her dragon mural, she notices other murals in the neighborhood are changing.  Her abuelo, Lazaro, is acting even more strangely after suffering a stroke.  He keeps mumbling to Sierra that he is sorry.  Then Lazaro speaks clearly to warn her she must finish her mural. “They are coming for us!” he warns.  Sierra meets Robbie, another young artist in the community, at a party. She confides in him about the changes she is noticing in the neighborhood, Robbie starts to explain the ancestral ways of their culture, but they are interrupted by a creepy being that they just barely escape.  Sierra discovers the secrets of her ancestors, and she must use them to protect her family and her neighborhood.

When Dimple Met Rishi by Sandhya Menon

Dimple is not a traditional Indian girl.  She is focussed on achieving the career of her dreams.  Her future does not involve an arranged marriage much to the disappointment of her parents.  So when her parents agree that she may attend Insomnia Con at San Francisco State University before she starts her Freshman year at Stanford, Dimple feels maybe her parents are finally starting to get her.  That’s until some strange but good-looking Indian young man calls her his future bride at Starbuck’s near campus. Pouring her drink on him and fleeing the Starbucks, let him know she wasn’t interested.  Rishi Patel is confused.  The picture he has in his pocket matches the girl he just spotted at the Starbucks.  That was definitely Dimple Shah, daughter of his parents’ friends. The young lady his parents have arranged for him to marry. They were to meet at Insomnia Con before Rishi heads off to MIT. Dimple’s parents, however, have not informed her of this arrangement.  It is their hope that the two will make a connection at Insomnia Con, and Dimple will change her mind about marriage.  But Dimple is not a traditional Indian girl.