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I forgot to give today a title


THANK YOU! It looks like yesterday went well. I saw the word “awesome” written more than once. Here is your reward:


Computer Free Time




Reflex Math 8:50-9:15

Correct HW

Think Central Animated Math Models

Manga High if you complete all the AMM assignments

1.8 Divide Decimals by Whole Numbers

HW P17 (odd)-P18 (all)-P19 (odd)-P20 (all)


AR Silent Reading

Language Arts


Science 3.2


Writing – Vacation in Space – Page 4 –

Follow these steps:

  • Read the article (pg 4)
  • Complete the Yes/No section
  • Write a topic sentence
  • Complete the the graphic organizer (pgs 6-7)
  • Write the essay on your blog

Paragraph 1

  • Get the reader’s attention with a story, quote, question, action
  • Use step 3 from you graphic organizer to tell the reader about the issue
  • Make the topic sentence the last sentence

Paragraph 2

  • Give the reasons and details (at least 3) to prove your topic sentence (step 4)

Paragraph 3

  • Give one argument the other side would use (from the article page)
  • Explain why they are wrong

Paragraph 4

  • Re-state your topic sentence
  • Re-state your reasons
  • Tell them what to do


AR 60 minutes – goal due Friday

HW P17 (odd)-P18 (all)-P19 (odd)-P20 (all)

Writing: Vacation in Space

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