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A Day Without Me



Morning 7:55-8:10

Blog post: Would you like to have an identical twin? What about it would be best? Worst?

SOAR 8:10-8:50

8:10-8:30 Today we will work on Reading Comprehension. Go to CNN Stories. Choose a story.

  • Click “Story” and read it. 
  • Then do the activities in the left margin
  • Vocabulary
  • Word Selection
  • Multiple Choice
  • Sequencing
  • Conclusions
Then choose another story.
8:30-8:50 Spherox – choose English for the subject

Math 8:50-11:05

Reflex Math 8:50-9:15

Correct HW

Think Central Animated Math Models – give them 20-30 minutes

Manga High if you complete all the AMM assignments

Bathroom Break around 10:00am – 4 minutes

1.7 Add and Subtract Decimals

Do pages 31-32 whole class

Do page 33 (#2, then #4, then #7 on whiteboards)

Assign HW P15-P16 and give them time until recess

HW P15-16

Recess 11:05-11:20

AR Silent Reading 11:20-11:50

Language Arts

Pronouns – use scratch paper to answer page 2 (22), discuss and correct, then do page 3 (23), discuss and correct

Computer Lab 12:10-12:50


Read this essay – on your own

A good persuasive essay:

Have you ever thought about how many junk food commercials are shown a day.Television is full of junk food commercials.America is starting to be overweight.Are commercials the problem for children,or is it something else?People are discussing if we should ban these commercials.I know that we should ban these commercials.

There are many reasons why junk food commercials need to be banned.One reasons is that you would be overweight because of the sugary candy.Then the bad thing will be that you would nag your mom.You might even be wasting a lot of her money for something you don’t need to live.It would be better to by some real food.I know that people by healthy cereals just because they look healthy.I mean if you think about honey nut cheerios and cinnamon toast crunch they have a lot of sugar.They are just like frosted flakes.

The other sides says that we should not ban junk food.They don’t even care about there kids health.The kids just like seeing those commercials that they will beg you until you buy it for them.Then if they eat a lot they will get fatter.Kids might be telling there mom that they should try it.Then moms will be eating a lot of the junk food so that is what causes them to be fatter like there children.Of course people think we should still have these commercials even though it is making America fatter.

As a conclusion,I believe that they should ban junk food commercials.It would be the best thing to do for America.It might be possible that America will lose weight.People will be losing a lot of weight easier.

Writing – Vacation in Space – Page 4 –

Students started yesterday. They are filling out the graphic organizer in their notebooks. No one should be typing in their blogs until the organizer is complete. Follow these steps:

  • Read the article (pg 4)
  • Complete the Yes/No section
  • Write a topic sentence
  • Complete the the graphic organizer (pgs 6-7)
  • Write the essay on your blog

Paragraph 1

  • Get the reader’s attention with a story, quote, question, action
  • Use step 3 from you graphic organizer to tell the reader about the issue
  • Make the topic sentence the last sentence

Paragraph 2

  • Give the reasons and details (at least 3) to prove your topic sentence (step 4)

Paragraph 3

  • Give one argument the other side would use (from the article page)
  • Explain why they are wrong

Paragraph 4

  • Re-state your topic sentence
  • Re-state your reasons
  • Tell them what to do


AR 60 minutes – goal due Friday

Math P15-16

Science – Read 94-96

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