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Good Morning


Good Morning everyone. I will not be here today. I’m very sorry about that. Please do your best today.

Get everything out of your backpack, and get ready to go! If you have your CST Score sheet signed, put it in the black tray on the back bookshelf.


This morning, write about anything in your blog. Start writing and keep going. Write about any topic, multiple topics, or anything that pops in your head. Just get as much as you can in your blog.


Watch this slideshow, and use the information to complete the worksheet you are given.


Here are the answers to the practice test

Screen Shot 2011-09-23 at 12.15.23 AMScreen Shot 2011-09-23 at 12.15.40 AMUse the scantron form for the test. Start at number 31 on your answer sheet. No calculators.

Chapter 2 Math Test

When you finish the test, please turn it in. Then go to the following website:

BBC – Mean, Median, Mode, Range

Then, do one round on XtraMath

Then go to Manga High. I’ve added some new challenges, and Sunday is the last day for all the Chapter 2 challenges.


We’re going to buddies with Ms. Dowell

When we get back, Accelerated Reader/Silent Reading (30 mins)
students may take tests on computer (monitor them).

If you have time, go out to the grass, make groups of 3 in triangles, and toss the the rugby balls around.


Language Arts

Open Court Answer form

Open Court 1.5 Test – you do not have to do any essay questions

When you are done with your test:

Read and comment on other student’s blogs (in our class or from the blog challenge)

Go to Tween Tribune and read and comment

Read in your AR book


Just reading in your AR book.

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  1. You’r a great teacher and I hope you feel better.

  2. Thank you Izaac. I hope to be back soon.

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