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It’s a Beautiful Day for a Bike Ride

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Today will be a day where you will be responsible for your learning. Choose activities that challenge you and improve your skills. Make good choices with your time and stay on task.


CNN Conclusions


Lure of the Labyrinth

Math Moves U

Math Arcade

First in Math


Volcano Websites – use code HY71654

BBC Volcanoes


Volcano World

FEMA for Kids

NG Volcanoes

Language Arts

Read “The Man who Wrote Messiah”

Complete Sequence Chart

Complete Blog posts for Main Character, Supporting Character, and Villain

Research and take notes for your Black History month project


AR 60 minutes
No Math
Read “Messiah”
Study spelling and vocab
Sequence chart
Blog – Finish all characters

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One Comment

  1. No it’s not a good day for a bike ride…

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