Service learning is using your education to help others without expecting a reward for the help. If you would like to do service learning this year, some good ideas are: knitting scarves for the homeless, making holiday cards or writing letters to the elderly in our community, making patterned key chains for Habitat for Humanity, cleaning out the garage or your closet looking for clothes or toys to donate to the needy (please wash them before giving), walking a neighbor’s dog, watering a neighbor’s plant, mowing an elderly neighbor’s yard, collecting money for a good cause, working in the school garden, picking up litter in your community, helping another student with their homework and coming up with your own great ideas.


This month we will be collecting new socks for socktoberfest that can be turned into the office. To collect an hour or so for this you can write letters or e-mails to family and close friends asking for socks. You can also do chores to earn money that can be used to buy socks at the dollar tree or some other store. We will also be passing out boxes for Trick-or-Treat for Unicef. The time spent trick or treating can count as service learning if you are also collecting money for good causes. To add more time to this, you can count your collection and write the total on the top for your teacher. (Please only do this with parent/guardian permission.)

If your child is interested or for more information, please email Mrs. Edwards.

Click here to download and print Service Learning Log Sheets