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Castle Walls

Everyone thinks that i have it all But it’s so empty leaving behind these castle walls These castle walls If I should tumble if I should fall Would anyone hear me screaming behind these castle walls? There’s no one here at all Behind these castle walls


Sly Park

While I was on the field trip to Sly Park I had many interesting adventures there. Some of which I never want to do ever again. First, I went hiking on trails too many interesting places. My favorite hike was the Lake Hike. Though the only bad thing about hiking was when you go up […]


Super Me

So if I had to pick I super power, I would chose fire. The reason I chose that power, is because it’s the Chinese element I am, and because it means anger. I have not a lot but about 20% of anger in me. My super hero outfit would be so cool! It would be […]


My Favorite Songs

Here’s some of my favorite songs: OffSpring-You’re gonna go Far kid,Luka- Just be Friends, Gym Class Heroes -Stereo Heart, Foster the People- Pumped up Kicks, Lmfao- Party Rock, Rin, Len- Daughter/ Servant of Evil, Miku- Take it Easy, Miku, Rin, Len, Kaito, and  Meiko- Alice Human Sacrifice, Teto- Kasane Territory, Rin, Len- Trick and Treat!, […]


My Halloween Night

Halloween is my favorite fall holiday, here’s why. First, my big brother and sister weren’t with me and my parents, so I got to go trick’ or treating alone. Secondly, I got double the candy because my big brother and sister weren’t there just me and my parents! Also a lot of people liked my […]


Trimester 2 Goals

My Academic Goals I’m going to be telling you my academic goals  for the sixth grade. First, I would like to get all A’s this year. I would like to receive all A’s because  I would be the first person in my house to have all A’s.  I would  also get a toy for receiving those grades.  My […]


Internet Safety

People please,  be safe on the internet! Most people aren’t safe on the internet, because they don’t know about the bad things that go on the internet! Like when you meet a friend online, and you don’t know them, don’t say your name like, “Hi my name is _____.,” and then they can find all about […]


Life in Sixth Grade

Well so far, life in sixth grade is the best ever! I have the best teacher in the world!   I have great new friends, and I have a lot of fun! My teacher, Ms. Gaviola, is the best ever.  She also reminds me of my mom. My new friends are very nice, kind, and […]

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