Star Student

Each student in Mrs. Arriaga’s and Mrs. Young’s class will be the “Star of the Week” for one week during the school year. The “Star of the Week” will have the opportunity to take home our classroom backpack. The backpack is filled with stories for reading, our class mascot, activities, and a writing journal. We encourage each child to share something in writing about their weekend with the class mascot on the front page.  On the back side you can decorate it like a scrap booking page and include a picture of your child with the class mascot.

If your child is picked to be the “Star of the Week”, he or she will take the backpack home on Friday. The backpack and any other items to be shared are due back on Monday. We will celebrate our “Star of the Week” on Monday morning, so please be sure your child is ready to share. We will also be making a keepsake for each child to remember their special week. This will be sent home at the end of the week.

Star of the Week Schedule

  • Monday – “Star of the Week” student has the option to bring one “show & tell” item of their choice to share with the class (picture book, favorite collection, memorabilia, etc.). He or she will also share the completed poster project that was given at the beginning of the year. This poster will be displayed on our “Star of the Week” board.
  • Tuesday – “Star of the Week” student will share their journal response about their weekend.
  • Wednesday – 3 questions and 3 compliments for the “Star of the Week”.
  • Thursday – class will make a “Star of the Week” book.
  • Friday – “Star of the Week” will have an opportunity to bring in a cooking activity or a science experiment to share with the class. Please let us know if we can help with cooking  (please check with us about food allergies) and science activity ideas (you may also check our resources page for ideas on the internet).

Thank you for your support and we hope you have a fantastic time!
Mrs. Arriaga & Mrs. Young